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Doonkami Australian Whites

The Australian White breed was developed in partnership by Tattykeel Stud located in Oberon, NSW . They are an early maturing, growth oriented breed with sufficient inbuilt hardness to survive most Australian pastoral conditions. Designed for it's ability to produce the earliest and heaviest trade lambs and/or heavy weight export lambs before other breeds are able, are traits that are essential to this breeds purpose.

Breed Objectives:

  • Fast growth rates & high dressing percentage

  • High fertility & strong maternal instincts

  • Carcase depth & cover

  • Poly esterus thriving breeding history

  • Good temperament & doing ability

  • Haired

  • Black feet

  • Darker pigmentation around eyes & nose

  • Lice & Fly Free

Accreditation Details:

  • We will provide a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing purebred Australian White stock

  • Complete details of pedigrees can be issued if requested

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